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Buy jewellery for your children with love, care and diligence

  • March 15, 2016

Children are also now getting into the bandwagon of style and fashion. They dictate their own terms of style and are maturing to become quite a fashion icon. With so many brands brining out exclusive collection targeting these tiny tots, it is time for the parents to gear up and get some know how about the children’s jewellery.

Today’s modern child is well aware of the brands and the latest trends in vogue. They are aware of their personality and like to flaunt simple yet unique piece carved exquisitely for their delicate skin. They grow up listening to fairy tales and are much more inclined towards beauty and accessories to enhance their appearance. Bracelets dangling with stars or a beautiful heart shaped pendant and so on takes on the innocent child to a dream world. Jewellery for the children can be categorised into the festive designer and costume.

The jewellery designer is much more sophisticated and includes intricately designed patterns. They are best for those special weddings and occasions. The costume jewellery is much more casual which is intended for daily wear.

But, you must pick the jewellery for your child with care. Unlike the adults, children have sensitive skin and are prone to allergies. You must also consider the point of their play time and rough use too. Here are some of the points that must be given a thought when you pick your children’s jewellery.


When you pick rings, remember that your child will soon outgrow the size. The fingers are the most fast growing part and the size will change rapidly, so make sure the ring is sizeable. It is economical to buy costume jewellery as they are priced lower and comes with lot of choices. A ring around their tiny fingers will look amazing and adds glamour to their attire. You can pick from titanium, platinum and gold for rings. They last long and are much more durable.


If you wish to gift a jewellery piece for babies then picking the bracelet is a good idea. With so many styles you can really get the one that you are looking for. Children’s bracelet comes with hearts, gems, stars, and many more. You also get some phrases written on the bracelet chain which will be admired by your little one. Cuff bracelet is better option for bigger children while the chain or the link model is good for the babies.


Chain can be a little hazardous for small babies. It is better to use them for bigger children who can understand its safety too. You can pick some long chains with a simple pendant. Silver and gold are equally good for the young children. Rather than a dangling big pendant, keep the pendants small to bring out the innocence of the children. Floral patterns of pendant are in fashion for children and look good on older girls.


This is an accessory that cannot be resisted by any girl of every age group. A must have accessory that truly beautifies the children and suits every personality. There are a number of choices available from gemstones to precious stones. You can pick from studs, danglers and lot more. If you do not want to get the ears pierced then choose from clip on earrings which are also very good for children.

Complete set

You can also invest in a good jewellery set that comes with the necklace, earrings and rings. You also get hair accessories in some sets. This eases your selection process as a set will match your complete look and gives a very nice and attractive appearance.