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Calgary Jewellery: Jewellery Design in Western vs. Eastern Culture

  • September 18, 2018

When it comes to the differences, what are the differences between Western jewelry design and Eastern jewelry design? Many of the people in the West wonder if the custom jewellery made here is better than what you can find in the East. Sometimes, the people in the West consider these products to be stronger, heartier and of greater durability. Which jewellery design that you should choose depends on you. While people view Western jewellery as better, you don’t have a unique standard that comes in the West.

The Advantage of Western Jewellery

One of the most significant advantages of people buying Western custom jewellery is how the process goes quite simply if you need repairs, or you want to replace it. For 150 years, Canada has had a thriving jewellery business. Because quality comes from all corners of the globe, however, the question of quality rarely becomes an issue with jewellery in Calgary.

Purity of the Metal

When you buy Western jewellery or Eastern jewellery, the purity of the metals will be the same anywhere in the world. This means 14kt gold will consist of 58.5 percent gold and 41.5 percent alloys. Eastern jewellery will sometimes have a mark that says “585.” This means it is 58.5 percent pure, but it’s the same as when Canadians say “14kt.” The alloys used in Eastern jewellery will sometimes differ, and this explains why some manufacturers will have slightly different colours for the jewellery in Calgary. In Canada, laws say that Calgary jewellery designers can go as low as 10kt and call it “real gold” or solid gold. In places like the Middle East, however, 22kt gold jewellery is the most common. This depends on the country, and some countries can go much lower than this.

If you were to look at jewellery design, you wouldn’t necessarily find much difference. Creativity comes from all corners of the globe, which means that you won’t necessarily find a specific characteristic of Eastern jewellery design.

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