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Calgary Jewelry: 5 Trends to Try in 2018

  • March 16, 2018

You might hear the words, “New year, new me,” and you might be thinking about reading, diet and exercise goals. However, what if you were to completely rearrange your fashion by following some of the latest Calgary jewelry trends?

1. The Classic Setting

While it might not be advisable because of how it looks from the legal standpoint, this especially refers to the “Tiffany setting” in the industry. This is one of the trends for Calgary diamond rings, and it centers around using a simple band and a round stand held together with six prongs.

Triangle Side Stones on a Yellow Radiant-Cut Diamond

In 2018, the coloured Calgary engagement rings have started to pick up a little momentum. In addition, the radiant cut that employs the use of colourless side stone accents have grown popular with Calgary engagement rings.

3. Rose Gold Rings Using Micro-pavé

For a long time, the micro-pavé has become a favourite for the Calgary jewelry, but set in rose gold has made this ring stand out. Most diamond experts believe this trend will stick around for a while.

4. Halo-Set Diamonds with a Cushion Cut

Halos have picked up some steam in 2018, and in particular, the framing with the cushion-cut stones has been the most popular. This choice has been a perfect framing, and it encircles a cushion cut diamond of almost any size. Customers can do a ring with the halo in a variety of ways.

5. Three-Stone Ring

This has remained popular for a long time, and ever since celebrity actress Meghan Markle was engaged to Prince Harry, her three-stone ring for Calgary diamond rings has become a wildly popular choice. This has been a topic of much fascination and conversation, and it has created a new trend in the Calgary jewelry industry.

These are some of the most popular jewelry trends to consider in 2018. A lot of people have seen the value in them. We have seen a significant rise in popularity in recent months, and it has continued to grow bigger over time.

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