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Marlow Diamond

  • Address:

    600- 630 8 AVE SW We are a proud member of Work Nicer co-working space!

  • Call us 930am-9pm:

    Marlow: 403-992-8452

    Kanchan: 403-690-3023

  • Walk-in hours

    We're available for walk-ins anytime between 10am-6pm Monday-Fri. Simply check-in with the iPad, and someone will be with you shortly with refreshments while you wait! Appointments are available any other time mornings, evenings, and weekends, so feel free to call or email to set a time that is most convenient.

  • Email:

    [email protected]


Building Entrance

Take elevator to 6th floor

Take elevator to the sixth floor

Please check-in to iPad

Please use iPad to check-in to Marlow's Diamond & Design

We will be with you shortly!

We will be with you shortly!