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Creation Process

The journey to the perfect piece is a simple process that can move as quickly or as gradually as your need requires. We have streamlined this process down to several steps:

1. Tell us your story!

Every piece has a story, whether it’s an engagement ring for the significant other you’re going to spend the rest of your life with, or the piece that just screams “YOU”. Send us an email or call us and let us know what you have seen in the past, the ideas you have put together, when you plan to have the piece delivered, budget ideas, and any other info you would like to share about the occasion!

2. Book an appointment
While the entire process can be done via email, we love putting a face to our client’s names. You can book an appointment with Marlow or one of his associates at our downtown office any day or time of the week. This way you can get live feedback on our vast catalogue, and find out whether a pre-made or custom piece route is the way to go. At that point we will showcase the 3D rendering process we use to design the piece. We are available for walk-ins between 10am-6pm Monday to Friday downtown, but appointments will always take first priority to preserve the experience. If you do walk-in, just check-in to the iPad and we will be able to provide you with refreshments while you wait on our comfortable couches. We can also do appointments completely remotely via screenshare technology which can be downloaded here.
3. 3D Rendering & Quote

On most custom or recreated pieces a 3D lifelike render will be provided, so you can get the best idea of what your gorgeous piece will look like before it’s arrival. A wax model can be provided for further inspection before approval, which takes about a week to arrive. Once you approve the design, we will provide a quote on the final finished work including taxes and can begin the order process. Depending on the intricacy of the job, average turnaround time is 3-6 weeks, but rush orders are available in some conditions. Any catalogue pieces can often arrive within 1-7 business days.

4. Delivery & Celebration!

You will be contacted for delivery or pickup arrangements, where you will be able to view the final stunning product and review all warranty info. We will place your piece in a perfect box to showcase it and send you home with a specialized Marlow Design carrying pouch. Congratulations! We would love it if you sent us any pictures of the special moment as we would love to share your story!

Crafted to Perfection

Our signature custom jewellery starts with you. Start by telling us about your significant other or share your design inspiration with us. We'll meet in-person to discuss your jewellery requirements and decide if a custom piece is the right choice for you. Every piece has a story and we make sure every custom piece is a reflection of yours. 

We deliver a 3D render of your custom jewellery so you can view your gorgeous piece before it's created. We even create wax models for further inspection before your order is finalized. Once we receive your final approval, your exclusive piece is crafted with our highest quality workmanship for true beauty and timeless appeal. We showcase your finished piece in the perfect box for your special moment.  

Let us discover the perfect piece of jewellery for your story.