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Diamond Engagement Rings: Which Setting is the Best?

  • February 27, 2018

The setting you choose for a diamond will have a big impact on what the stone looks like. Normally, settings covering a large part of the diamond will cause it to look smaller. Meanwhile, if you allow a larger part of the diamond to show, it will give it the appearance of being larger. When the mounting covers the diamond, it lets less of the light enter the stone. In addition, the flaws might look more visible as a result.

Four Prong Settings

The mountings with six prongs or more or even the V-prongs tend to obscure the diamond even more. When you want to underscore the size of the diamond, the best setting will be the four-prong settings. However, you should also understand how a tradeoff exists when you use a four-prong setting. This setting leaves your stone a little unsafe because this exposes it to direct hits, which could cause it to crack or fall out. The settings with more metal will help them to feel more secure.

Looking at the Mounting

When it comes to the mounting of the diamond, you want to make sure the mounting doesn’t look too large, or it will overpower the appearance of the stone. This will also cause it to look disproportionally small, but if the mounting looks too small for the diamond, the ring will appear out of proportion, also. Other times the diamond will look too big for the mounting, and this can cause the ring to feel heavy because of the imbalance and the shift on your finger.

The colour of the Diamond

Finally, you should look at the colour of the diamond. The colour should match the mounting of the stone and have the right colour. The setting will make the white colour of the diamond stand out. In general, you want to avoid a mounting stone where the combination doesn’t look compatible.

With the setting of a diamond engagement ring, one of the things to remember is you have full creativity with the design so that it feels more like custom jewelry. The only thing you have to do with your custom engagement ring is to make sure when you combine it that it looks good for you and makes you happy.

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