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Grown-up Best Friend Necklaces

  • March 1, 2021
Matching custom pieces are an amazing gift for you + your best friend!

Growing up, many best friends shared best friend necklaces. A heart that is broken in half, one stating BE FRI and the other ST ENDS. Together, they let the world know who your partner in crime was. As we grow up, some of us are lucky enough to still call those people best friends, but we also introduce different and new relationships into our lives. The best friend necklace can still be honoured in a modern way and there are no rules.

You likely have many best friends. Your mom, your dad, grandma, grandpa, childhood friends, coworkers you love, or people you’ve met under other circumstances. Whoever you consider your best friend, a matching, custom set of jewelry can be a wonderful gift to show them how much you care. Whether you’re surprising a bridesmaid or groomsmen with something special, you want a mother-daughter/father-son set, or just want something exceptional for someone you love, we can help create it.

Our passion for quality and design expertise means our clients receive exclusive custom pieces that are crafted to perfection. We guarantee quality workmanship on every custom piece or we’ll make alterations to the final piece until it meets our clients’ expectations. Let’s book a digital consultation and chat! We’re excited to hear about your ideas, dreams, and inspirations, and can’t wait to meet you over a live video chat and bring your vision to life.

Marlow Marshall, Founder & Lead Designer

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