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How to Choose the Best Engagement Ring for Her Fingers?

  • January 19, 2016

When it comes to choosing the right engagement ring, you want everything to be perfect – the choice of the metal, the color, the stones, and also a match with the shape and size of the finger and hand. It is easy that the last factor will skip your mind.

Remember, not every ring will look great on your finger as it does in the case. It will be best to have an engagement ring that is customized to your fiancé’s fingers and hand.

Consider Her Fingers & Hand

Start by considering the length and width of her finger. The overall size of her hand will also matter. All these factors should be compared against the size and shape of the primary stone, and the width of the ring. The ring’s style is also a factor and it should also fit in well with the overall picture.

Even the shape and length of the nail are to be considered. The ring’s design will also vary based on whether she has manicured, shaped, long or short trimmed nails. For example, longer nails will make your fingers seem longer.

Smaller Hands – If your fiancé has smaller hands, choose a ring with smaller features. It will be best to choose small princess-cut, round, heart-shaped or oval stones.

Larger Hands – If she has large hands, choose large rings with creative features. You could also try massive and stocky styles.

Style Considerations

At the same time, you should also consider her lifestyle and style.

You should also consider the ring style that matches with her style.

Most ring styles will match with long and slender fingers. But you have to consider a few advanced points:

  • Long fingers have a bold style of their own. You should however consider if she wants to flaunt a bold style with her ring or not.
  • Round and princess-cut stones are specifically flattering to your long fingers.
  • Wider rings also help in complementing long fingers.

When it comes to slender fingers, make sure that you don’t have a ring that seems to overwhelm the slimmer fingers. Follow these 2 tips with slender fingers:

  • Create thicker rings that help in giving your fingers a wider look.
  • Choose smaller stones that can make your simmer fingers seem wider.

Does she have short fingers? Choose an engagement rings that makes her short fingers appear longer. It doesn’t matter what width her short fingers may have.

  • Pear, oval and marquise shaped stones help in lengthening her shorter fingers.
  • Choose rectangular shaped stones. But don’t choose too big stones that could overwhelm the fingers.
  • Narrow-width, slender rings can also help in creating an appearance of length.

Wider Fingers

If she has wider fingers, choose an engagement ring with a style that hides a lot of skin on either side. But wider fingers give a unique advantage. It is possible to try different ring styles – from classic to something unconventional. In this case, you have the following options with the ring’s style:

  • Choose a marquise, emerald, wide oval or rectangular shaped stone. Don’t choose narrow stones.
  • Round stones and cluster styled stones in larger settings will also help in flattering wide fingers.
  • Make sure to choose medium or thick rings.
  • You could also choose asymmetrical and angular shapes and designs.

Usually, couples would prefer going for an engagement ring based on their personal preferences. The decision could be based on the stone and preference for metal. While personal choice is a major factor, you cannot ignore the hand features. So make sure consider the above-mentioned points too when choosing the perfect engagement ring.