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Important Update with COVID-19

With the unique world situation that is unfolding with the outbreak of Covid-19, we feel it is important to reassure and inform our current and future clients regarding our current supply practices, sanitation procedures, and alternative consultation options.

Piece production- Repairs- Restyling

Currently, our supply chain has not been dramatically affected, as our gemstones, diamonds, material, and local manufacturing are still able to ship out with insured FedEx. Some projects may require delays based on some procedure shuffling, and we will be in touch with each client individually on a case-by-case basis. For client pieces such as repairs and restyling our Calgary based depot is isolated with a small team that is not open to the public, as our team’s health and safety is of the upmost importance during this trying time.  As backup for projects we also have our partner manufacturers, that are all following the same sanitation and isolation standards. Barring any further government shutdown restrictions our project lead times are still in place.

Sanitation Procedures

Our public design studio & consult location at Work Nicer Stephen Ave is still currently open regular hours, though we are asking all clients to provide at least a half hour notice of arrival by email or phone call at 403-992-8452, as the childcare shutdown downtown has limited our full staff availability. We are currently doing a full sanitation & clean of the showroom before and after every client arrival, including wiping desks, door handles, and showcase. All employees are washing hands once every hour, and applying hand sanitizer every half hour. Pieces are cleaned with a disinfected ultrasonic before shipping and pickup as well. We do ask clients to please use the free hand sanitizer available at the front entrance as well when they arrive.

Alternative Consultation Options & Free Product Shipping

We understand that leave home during this time isn’t an option for many, and we respect and appreciate the decision to fight this virus through isolation. We also understand there are still special moments in our lives coming up that we want assist you in still having the perfect piece for. With our 3D render technology we are able to have a full custom consult remotely via free screen share with Team Viewer, where we can build the piece of your dreams right in front of you. We also can select the perfect diamond or gemstone through highly detailed 360 videos, which we do during live consults as is. We also offer FaceTime consults and Skype to showcase samples and pieces further. For clients that wish to breathe new life into existing pieces either through repair or through resetting and restyle, we can offer free insured overnight shipping of your product to us if you are out of Calgary, and a free insured courier pickup and drop off within Calgary. Simply send us the details of the pieces you would like to send, we will provide a free overnight waybill, and ship back and forth for no charge. A purchase is not required for this service!

We want to wish you all our best during these trying times, and hope everyone comes out the other side healthy and in good spirits.

Please never forget to Wear Your Special Moments!

Marlow Marshall
Founder & Lead Designer