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Jewelry Repair & Restyle

Calgary Jewellery Repair for Your Favourite Piece

Sometimes a brand new piece isn’t always the answer. Oftentimes we have lots of jewellery at home that either needs to be restored, or is a great starting point to a fresh creation. Marlow Design offers jewellery repair and restoration for your favourite pieces. 

Why Repair Your Jewellery with Marlow Design?

High Quality
Work & Guarantee

We guarantee quality workmanship on every custom piece or we'll make alterations to the final piece until it meets our clients' expectations.

Years of Experience in 

Jewellery Design and Creation

Our passion for quality and design expertise means our clients receive exclusive custom pieces that are crafted to perfection. 

Friendly & Personalized Service

Just Give Us A Call!

Our friendly team is always here to help. Tell us your story and we'll create custom jewellery that uniquely reflects who you are. 

Restoration & Jewellery Repair

Jewellery is meant to be worn, but our active daily lifestyles can wear away at the original beauty of the piece. Rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets, even watches need regular polishing, plating, and re-tipping to keep them looking their best. We can repair jewellery in Calgary and restore your favourite pieces back to their original glory. At Marlow Design we complete all restoration projects within 3 to 5 business days unless otherwise stated, and all work comes with a 3 month quality guarantee.

Custom Restyling and Jewellery Repair

The best part about precious gems and metals is they can very easily become the building blocks to a brand new piece. Perhaps a special piece in your custom jewellery box no longer represents your style, or you received an heirloom that you want to be modernized so you can wear it. Reinvigorate your piece with a restyle!

Upon inspection usually one of three options are available:

We use your gemstones in a brand new piece

This is the most common approach, where as long as your gems are not damaged they can be reset.


We restyle the entire piece using the metal and gems

A great way to maintain the history of the piece though can be a little more difficult, as the metals have to be in the right condition to be reused.

We provide credit for the metal towards the new piece

This makes having the brand new piece a little easier on the wallet.

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