Meet the Team

Marlow Marshall

The story of how I entered the jewelry industry is a non-traditional one but one that is infused in my day to day interactions. I grew up in Red Deer, entering into retail at a young age. I learned quickly the impact I had on client’s lives, and prided myself on exceeding their expectations of what great service truly could be. I have been blessed to listen to thousands of stories in the retail field, including communications, sporting goods, and even health supplements. It wasn’t long before I entered into management, and was given the opportunity to teach the skills of exceptional service to my employees while learning the basics of running a business. Within one year we doubled the stores sales volume, and were rewarded with numerous awards for customer service. A recruiter for a rapidly growing jewelry chain happened to be attending the award ceremony, and approached me soon after. After a great deal of research into such a prestigious industry, I enthusiastically accepted. I quickly fell in love with all aspects of the business. No other industry allows you to truly connect with your clients and celebrate the unique occasions of their lives, while being able to create the physical representation of those moments. I made it my mission to learn every nook and cranny of the business, spending numerous hours with manufacturers, diamond & gem dealers, and goldsmiths.

Before long I was transferred to Calgary to manage the top volume store in Canada, and then shortly after headed up the expansion into Saskatchewan. Throughout all this success, my passion had always been the custom aspect of the business. There was nothing more rewarding than working with a client to create the perfect piece, whether it was a small tweak to an existing design or a full build from scratch. It truly is something special to see a woman who just received a gorgeous custom engagement ring from her fiance’, confident her piece is unique. After 15 years of retail, 10 years in management, and 6 years in the industry as a jewellery designer I have decided to build a business dedicated to this passion. Please accept my invitation to join me on this journey, as we discover the perfect piece of jewelry to celebrate your story!

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Kanchan Tanwani

I was born into a family that deals with gemstones and diamond jewellery in Bangkok, Thailand. While growing up, I visited my father often in his office and started to love anything that sparkles from a very young age. Once I completed my degree in management, I decided to follow my father’s footsteps and bounded myself with the world of diamonds. With him being my backbone, I received my GIA (Gemological Institute of America) Graduate Diamonds Diploma and that is when my journey began into the jewellery industry.

I started working for several years for high profile jewellery retailers and that is when mine and Marlow’s paths crossed each other. With him being my mentor and guide, not only did I learn how to provide a transformational selling experience for clients, but also a handful about custom design jewellery.

After seeing Marlow’s success in a more client-oriented facet of the jewellery industry, I jumped at the opportunity when he asked me to join his team. I am looking forward to succeed as a designer and consultant at Marlow’s Diamond and Design.