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Signs You Need Jewellery Repair In Calgary

  • October 24, 2019

As much as we would love our jewellery pieces to stay together forever, you will one day need to get jewellery repair in Calgary. But how do you know if you’re going to need a professional to help you? Below are the signs that your jewellery – rings, necklaces and bracelets – might need repairs.

Here Are The Signs When You Need To Get Jewellery Repair In Calgary

Signs of a Loose Stone In Your Rings

When it comes to jewellery, rings are always in danger. Wearing them in your fingers all the time means exposing them to all kinds of situations, resulting in them begin damaged. The most common are loose stones.

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While you might not notice any significant differences to your ring – unless the stone itself falls out – there are a few warning signs when your jewellery is about to break:

  • The stone has shifted

If your stone is no longer sitting level, and rotating slightly, chances are that it could be becoming loose. The looser it is, the higher the chances it will come off.

  • Too-Short Prong

If the prong – which is the part that secures the stone to a piece of jewellery – appears slightly shorter than the others than it might be loosening up the stone.

  • Missing or Bent Prong

If the prong is missing or severely bent, you should take it to your jeweller ASAP so they can realign it. Don’t do it yourself, as you might end up causing more damage.

Make sure you take great care of your ring so that you avoid any issues like this in future. The more careful you with your rings, the less chance you’ll need to get jewellery repair in Calgary.

Red Flags With Your Bracelet & Necklace 

Bracelets and necklaces are susceptible to wear and tear, just like rings. But spotting their problems are a tad more complicated. Here is what to look out for when it comes to your bracelet and necklaces:

  • Stretched Strands

If you notice that the strand of your necklace or bracelet is stretching out, it could mean that it’s getting loose, and might break. If your piece hangs lower than usual, get it repaired asap.

  • Damaged Clasps

Notice that the clasps on your bracelet or necklace don’t close properly or aren’t as tight as usual? This is something that you shouldn’t ignore, as the more it opens up, the more problems you’ll experience.

  • Loose Stones

If your bracelets or necklaces have stones that are becoming loose – refer to the signs for rings above. You will need to make sure that it is retightened.

All Jewellery Requires Maintenance  

Even the most durable and expensive jewellery pieces – whether custom-made or not – can be delicate. Without proper cleaning, care, and maintenance, you risk your jewellery getting severely damaged. Make sure that you take your pieces to your goldsmith in Calgary for maintenance and any repairs you might need.

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