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The History and Evolution Of Modern Engagement Ring

  • May 4, 2016

Marriage is considered to be the most sacred social institution between two people in love. However, the institution has a history. The custom of marriage started long after the evolution of human beings. The concept of marriage first came into being years back but the word “marriage” can be traced back in 1250 to 1300. However, the modern marriage and the marriage act evolved years letter and then came the concept of engagement ring. The engagement ring is also a promise ring which two people exchange before they get into the marital bond.

Engagement is a pre-marital ceremony but it is not as strong as marriage. Engagement is carried out through exchange of ring between the to-be bride and groom, or groom and groom, or bride and bride. The ring-finger is the stipulated finger. It is said that the vein of the ring finger reaches the heart and thus is the best place to wear the ring. Diamond is considered as the best suited stone for engagement, due to its pure look and extreme durability.

The History of the Engagement Ring

Mary of Burgundy got the first proposal with diamond engagement ring from Archduke Maximilian of Austria. A flat piece of ring with diamond placed in shape of M was given out to the lady. This was the first proposal with diamond but that is not the first time engagement ring was used.

Howe it all started?

The first concept of engagement came from the concept of taking control of the spirit of the mate. The cavemen used to tie string of grass on the wrist, ankles or waist of the chosen mate. This was a ritual which was performed in pre-historic age and thus that could be called engagement. However, at that point of time, the concept of marriage was not there.

The history can then be traced to 2800 B.C. The Egyptians were buried wearing a metal band on the third finger of their left hand. It is not sure if the ring had any connection with their mates but the rings were placed on the finger that has veins connected to the heart.

The history of engagement rings progressed very fast after that. In 1217, bishop of Salisbury stopped the custom of mock marriage by using rush rings. He declared those marriages to be legal. In 1477, the first diamond ring was used for Mary of Burgundy. In 1700s, thimbles came into existence. However, many used to chop off the top and used it as rings. The supply of diamond increased with the discovery in 1867. Diamond rings became a popular choice. Tiffany & Co introduced six-prong ring that improved the brilliance of diamond in 1886. Rings became more affordable in 1890s. Intertwined hoops rings became popular in 1918.

The concept of a man’s engagement ring was made popular in 1920. In early 1940s the leading jewelry throne went to engagement rings. The rings evolved and many more designs were introduced. The rings that are now available in the market at still evolving. New designs are being made and new patterns are being created every day.