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The Perfect Summer Proposal

  • June 18, 2021
Not all proposals need to be over-the-top, social media-worthy events.

With the pandemic winding down, and life returning to normal, summer is bound to be a great time in
Alberta. Many hopeful couples will be getting engaged this summer. We wanted to discuss some tips to
have the perfect summer proposal.

You know your spouse better than anyone, but it’s always a great idea to consult their friends and family
to come up with a plan that you know they’ll love. If they don’t like the attention being on them, doing it in
public is not ideal.

Not all proposals need to be over-the-top, social media-worthy events. As long as it’s memorable and
meaningful between the two of you, then that’s everything you need. Proposing with a ring that has been
exclusively created for your special someone is a perfect way to make your summer proposal perfect.

You should also come prepared with a backup plan if the weather doesn’t cooperate. We know that the
weather can change on a dime in Calgary, so if the summer weather suddenly becomes stormy, you have
another option.

If your partner doesn’t want a conventional ring, or they have some broken sentimental jewellery they’ve
been hanging onto, consider making their ring out of those. Sometimes a brand new piece isn’t always
the answer. Oftentimes we have lots of jewellery at home that either needs to be restored or is a great
starting point for a fresh creation. Marlow Design offers jewellery repair and restoration for your favourite

Our passion for quality and design expertise means our clients receive exclusive custom pieces that are
crafted to perfection.

Want to build the perfect ring for your partner? Let’s book a digital consultation and chat! We’re excited to
hear about your ideas, dreams, and inspirations and can’t wait to meet you over a live video chat and
bring your proposal vision to life.

Marlow Marshall, Founder & Lead Designer

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