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Tips for Choosing the Best Diamond Stud Earrings

  • February 8, 2016

When it comes to earrings, diamond studs are one of the most popular pieces of jewelry. You may be buying them for yourself or for a loved one. Earrings are best designed to a specific proportion. They shouldn’t be too big or too small. They should blend perfectly with your looks (and occasion).

The choice of the right diamond is the most important factor. So find out what all needs to be considered when choosing the perfect diamond earrings.

Choice of Diamond Cut

‘Excellent’ may be the best cut professionally, but it’s not easy to tell the difference between it and the ‘Good’ cut. When you choose round diamonds, they shouldn’t be too deep. This will reduce their visible surface in comparison to ‘Better’ cut diamonds.

Diamond Size

You will most likely choose the diamonds’ size in stud earrings based on your own preferences. If you are going to wear large and flawless stones, you don’t have to worry. But if you have chosen low-grade colors, larger stones can give away their tints.

When it comes to earrings, it is always recommended not to go for too large stones. It could be an overstatement and may make you look too gaudy.

Diamond Colors

Yellow, pink and blue are popular fancy colors with earrings. Such colors grow in value as their color deepens. Colored diamonds are rare and therefore expensive. Despite that they are in high demand. The color of a diamond is due to the presence of some other element, which gets added to the stone during its formation. There are modern color enhancement techniques too, which help you in finding more affordable colored diamonds for your earrings.

You may opt for colored diamonds which cost less than their naturally colored counterparts. Such techniques involve application of high levels of pressure and temperatures for changing the natural chemistry of the stone. Interestingly, the change is permanent.

Irradiation is another technique, but its color effects could be changed due to higher temperatures and further processing such as polishing and re-cutting. Eventually, the choice of the type of colored diamonds will depend on your budget. However, the choice of the color will be more personal.

Metal Settings for Diamond

When it comes to settings for diamond earrings, white gold and yellow gold are the most widely used options. Platinum is also gaining popularity but most people will go for gold because platinum is much heavier. However, platinum is highly durable and ensures more safety by preventing stones from coming off.

A good option could be to have the earrings built in gold and platinum used solely for the prongs. Usually, stud earrings would have the typical basket setting with 3-6 prongs to hold the stone.

Most of the time, the size of the stone will determine the number of prongs. 3 prongs could be ideal for a small stone, but a large stone will require more number of prongs.

Even the stone’s cut is going to affect this factor. If the earring has princess-cut diamonds, it will be required to have a prong each at all the 4 corners.

In the case of bezel setting, the metal will surround the stone, and only the crown facets could be seen.

So when choosing the perfect diamond earrings, you should consider all these factors. Whether you want to gift diamond stud earrings to a loved one or yourself, these can be some of the most elegant jewelry pieces in your collection. It will be best to have them custom designed to your preferences and requirements.

Considering that so many factors are involved, you can never be sure in finding a piece that perfectly matches the person and your specific design needs. So a bespoke pair of diamond earrings is the ideal option.