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Tips for First Time Diamond Buyers

  • December 20, 2016

Purchasing your first piece of diamond jewelry can be an exciting process. Diamond jewelry can be a considerable investment, so it’s important to do your research so that you can find the perfect diamond for you. If you’re nervous about shopping for your first piece of diamond jewelry, here are a few diamond-buying tips from the industry experts at Marlow’s Diamond & Design.

The 4 Cs

The 4 Cs are the most important things to remember when diamond shopping. The 4 Cs are:

  •   Cut
  •   Carat
  •   Colour
  •   Clarity

What you’re looking for in terms of cut, carat, colour and clarity will depend on your personal tastes, the type of jewelry you want, and your budget. Here is some more information about each of the 4 Cs.


The cut refers to the overall brilliance of a diamond, and is affected by how light is reflected by the stone’s facets. Cut is the most crucial of the 4 Cs to pay attention to if you want a diamond that is unique and visually stunning. At Marlow’s Diamond & Design, we offer a full range of diamond cuts so you can ensure that you get exactly the diamond you’re looking for.


Carat refers to the weight of a diamond. The carat system is a system of measurement created to determine how many grams of diamond are in any given stone. While many people view carat size as the most important factor in buying a diamond, but that’s not always the case—you might choose a smaller diamond that is fewer carats because the cut and fit suits you better.


Colour refers to the hue of a diamond. Most diamonds are white or clear, but can vary within a range of different opacities and vibrancies. The colour of a diamond can also be influenced by the choice of band or chain.


Clarity refers to a diamond’s physical condition. It is a general rating given to a diamond depending on certain factors such as scratches and marks. The less visible or noticeable these marks, the higher a diamond’s clarity. While clarity can be important to some people, it may not be a factor for others. Vintage rings, for instance, may have lower clarity but a classic charm that you may find appealing.

Diamond shopping can be a fun and exciting experience. By using the 4 Cs, you can more easily determine the right diamond for you. For more information about diamonds and to purchase your own diamond jewelry today, contact us at Marlow’s Diamond & Design.