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Trusting a new jeweller: start from the basics

  • February 28, 2016

Jewellery brands and designers are flourishing like never before. There are a number of new players entering the market who bring in lot of fresh ideas and innovative designs and patterns. But, many have their own apprehensions about trying out a new jeweller. Jewellery designing involves the right combination of creativity and skills. The new jewellery designer has the updated knowledge of the latest trends and can carve out remarkable pieces of jewellery to suit every occasion.

However, you may not be able to trust a new jeweller out of the blue moon. Building a trust between jewellers is something that comes with good workmanship and customer service and satisfaction. As every piece of jewellery is a personal possession, every individual have their own tastes and preferences. A jeweller must understand these details and try to convert their desire into designs that will adorn their clients.

Start with repairs

If you want to try out any new jeweller, start off with some initial jewellery repair works. Rather than giving a big order like your engagement ring and so on, give some basic work like cleaning or polishing of your jewellery. This will help you get a glimpse of their customer service. It will also develop a road to building relation with the jeweller and understand their potential and calibre.

Customer service

Customised jewellery is in vogue as it will make the owner look unique and classy. When you pick your jeweller, look for their team of designers. They must listen to your ideas and desires. Jewellery is an individualistic possession and the designer must not try to push their own creations on to you. A good designer is one who must try to convert your ideas into designs that can satisfy you and make you look gorgeous. Pick the designers who can give you more ideas and choices and is a store of creativity.


Many of the new jewellers may have been in the industry for only a few years. But they would have a good and impressive work profile. Never hesitate to ask for their profile which will give you an idea about their market standing. You can also get to know about their working style and type of designs that they deal in. Some jewellers may specialise in antique and vintage collection while few others concentrate on contemporary style. Profile and clientele is a very important source to know more about the jewellers work.

Services on offer

You must look for jewellers who can offer you a one stop shop for all kinds of jewellery services. This will save you from running between shops for every other service. They must be able to design your ring, resize, and remodel, repair and so on. All in one shop will save your time and effort. Also look for some offers and schemes which may benefit you like annual maintenance of your diamond jewellery for free or something like that.


Many are under the misconception that only an established branded jeweller will be able to provide good collection. It is wrong because there are so many new jewellers who come out with innovative patterns to suit every age group and occasion. You can get to know this by paying a visit to their shops and browsing through their collection. You must also try to understand the level of knowledge of the jeweller which will help you in deciding about your future orders.

Warranties and accreditation

You can also check on warranties offered by the jeweller which again gives you more confidence on new jewellers.