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What to Look for in a Goldsmith Calgary

  • September 18, 2018

Unlike the boutique designers and jewelry specialists, goldsmiths exist because they want to help you craft the perfect masterpiece unique to you. A goldsmith in Calgary will help you to achieve the ideal piece of jewellery for you.
However, you first need to know the signs to look for in a good jeweller. Here are things to seek in your next 
custom jewellery Calgary company.

Sign #1: Reputation is Everything

When it comes to the jewelry business, you don’t want anything that will tarnish your reputation as a jeweller. Check the reputation of your goldsmith Canada company to learn what type of company they are before you decide to buy something with them.

Sign #2: Examples of Previous Work

The second sign is that they should be able to show you great work from their past designs. A goldsmith in Calgary should understand the value of displaying some of their best masterpieces because it will attract more clientele.

Sign #3: Dishonesty Walks

Unless you want to give your money over to the goldsmiths who are dishonest, you should walk away if anything about the custom jewellery Calgary company seems dishonest. You have too many good businesses that you can support over going with a dishonest one.

Sign #4: Make Them Show a Certification

You know you’re in trouble when you ask the jeweller Calgary company what colour and clarity the diamonds are, and he responds with everything is “premium clarity” and G/H colour. Without certification, you never know what type of jewelry that you’re buying. The recognized certifications in this field include GIA, AGS, EGL or AGS.

When you go to a custom jewellery Calgary company, you have to do your research in advance. Still, you have plenty of great goldsmith in Calgary options out there who do wonderful work that is worth checking out and supporting through business.

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