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What Your Jewellery Says About Your Personality

  • August 13, 2019

If buying jewellery in Calgary was all about the look, then everyone would wear something. The fact is, jewellery actually matches your personality. What type of jewellery you wear says a lot about you as a person, how you act and the style you showcase. Here are some of the most common jewellery styles and what they say about your personality:

4 Jewellery Styles That Match Your Personality

Goin’ Big (And Fun)! 

Big earrings. Large necklaces. Massive rings. All these are considered the “fun jewellery”, so you’re most likely an outgoing and social person. You like the look of standing out and adding a bit of flair to your style. You have a cheerful personality, and love to be around people.

Custom Creations 

Those you seek to get custom jewellery in Calgary mean one thing: they seek to establish themselves as unique and remain true to themselves. You get to create something that is genuinely in your image, so it is a representation of you. It can be applied to custom wedding rings, diamond rings, engagement rings, earrings and more. You design as you feel.

Embracing Earthly Elements

Harnessing the power of nature, jewellery that is made with earthy-looking materials highlights your love for the planet. You’re not considered a ‘hippie’ or anything of the sort, but rather a person that has an excellent appreciation for reusing older natural elements that remind you of the world around you.

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Old Style Antique Jewellery

Those with a love of antique jewellery have a soft spot for nostalgic. They opposed the new modern designs and creations, and instead are focused on creating a new trend of appreciating the older models. You won’t be caring about brand names or such, and prefer vintage items, which might be considered a one-off design!

The “Classic” Elegant Jewellery 

Just about everyone loves the look of elegant and classic jewellery. Whether it’s the simple diamond earrings or the custom engagement ring, jewellery wearers have always had a taste for classic appeal. But what does it say about themselves? It means you have traditional values and value the quality of your products. The versatility of classic jewellery is unmistakable.

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